Private Sessions Private Sessions

We can only offer to you what has touched us the deepest and enlightened our lives the most.
Book your private session to bring clarity to your path, and go beyond any limiting belief systems
that are shaping your reality,
and live life as the light you ARE.

Private Sessions With Mehan

Private Session With Mehan


Private Sessions With Smadari

Private Session With Smadari


Intrested ? Let’s Talk ! Intrested ? Let’s Talk !

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This powerful looking unmasks many of our core beliefs so that the pure and simple life motion can BE.
it’s very simple. it’s a practice, and it is here for you if you wish to bring harmony and truth into your relationships and actions.

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Light Language Prayer

A grid is an energetic assembly of accurate combinations
of sacred geometry and color vibrations,
that transmit your specific and unique prayer
in the most pure, precise and high-vibrational language.

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Intuitive Healing

Gain clarity and fulfillment on your path of freedom
Combined with energetic work to implement your highest potentials in your reality

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Theta Healing

Theta Healing is a method that is designed to help us clear any belief systems that will obscure our potential to live in abundance, harmony and be strongly rooted in our Divine expression.

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