Light Language (levels 1+2) Light Language (levels 1+2)

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In times when significant change is called for,
when you wish for new reality but can’t seem to get past your own limiting
thought-forms and rooted tendencies,
Light Language can be used to allow you to reach
higher states of awareness
and align the way – from the spiritual to the physical –
to any desired manifestation.

In Level 1

you receive initiation to the 7 primary shapes and the colors of the chakras.
It is a deep healing, and a chance to re-align and revive the energy of your chakras. You learn to write, for yourself and others, an energetic assembly of colored sacred geometry that supports you to fulfill your wishes and move beyond and transform some of your most limiting life patterns.

In Level 2

You get energetic initiation to the main “building blocks” of  manifested reality – allowing you to write, for yourself and others, a high vibrational intentional prayer – to manifest ANY SPECIFIC WISH your heart is longing for.


This workshop is deep transformation!
you will not be able to see yourself and life the same as before.
You step into higher states of consciousness,
and “birth” yourself anew, as a master co-creator, of your life.


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