E.M.F Balancing Technique E.M.F Balancing Technique

The E.M.F balancing technique is an energy treatment that supports us to live in harmony and in balance on all levels. Mentally, emontinaly, physically and spiritually.

Through activating the different elements of our personal Electromagnetic field (E.M.F), our inner wisdom starts to create new order and stronger coherence within ourselves.
This brings us to new levels of balance that are relevant for this moment in our lives – balance is ever-changing, not a stagnate state we achieve once and neglect)
The sessions are preformed in person or by distance.
There are no machines involved, the energy passes through my aura and my hands.
From the outside it can look like like an energy healing session or reiki, yet his session carries a unique and intelligent vibration that works according to the recipient’s inner wisdom.
The E.M.F was originated by Peggy Phoenix Dubro, a master healer and teacher, and I have studied with her this modality in 2009.

There are 13 different available sessions that correspond with our energy system as a whole,
emphasising different aspects in each module. 

Yet, it is possible to choose specific sessions according to your needs and wishes. 

Phases 1-4 – Balancing Head and Heart

Reorganising our personal history so we can bee free from unnecessary load, and bring more of our soul to be present in our body and actual life.

This series of sessions is amazing for adults as well as children, helping the young ones to be:

  • More connected to their hearts, and feel more comfortable and safe in their bodies, and on the planet .
  • Release fear and anxiety
  • Find clarity, focus and ease with their developing senses.

Phase 5-8 – Activating templates of inner mastery

Develops elevated qualities such as compassion, activating our higher wisdom, and enhancing our multidimensional  presence in our body .

Phases 9-12 – Activating core templates at our core. Wholeness.

We develop deep self love, and integrate more of our inner facets into inner ones.

Your are welcome to contact me if you need more info or to book a session .

Watch this videos to tune into the energy of the EMF Balancing technique sessions:

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