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Life is a free flow of love, of light, of abundant joy,

we have an inner notion that this is true, we also learn it in spiritual practices and studies,
yet, many times, in our lives, we experience other sensations – of frustration, of pain, of a longing…
And then – what we assume we know does not “hold”, does not last,
this truth then seems like a distant and vague idea, or only a nice new-age concept, or maybe even judged as a non-realistic and irresponsible fabrication.
If it is seen as a concept we should strive to, and we try to accomplish and measure ourselves to – each time we “fail”,
more frustration, more friction, and more pain are felt.WHAT IS THE TRUTH? and f we discover it –
Can it really be lived?  be fully experienced? Humbly and peacefully, be owned?In the coaching sessions we clarify and release the inner tension that is caused
when we believe certain thoughts that cast a shadow and constrain the natural life flow.We do this by looking together, inquiring, with the aim to gain a clear distinction between the natural movement that we are asked to allow, and the complicated fabricated beliefs, that try to hold back, resist and ignore.
We do not try to solve any problem , rather learn to see the seeming problems that appear in life,
as invitations to discover and live more of the truth of who we truly are.It is not a technique or a skill, rather a certain way of looking – that can set you free.I offer these session in Lagos (southern Portugal) or online,for any questions or clarifications – feel free to contact me and connect.With love

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