The Inner Laws & The Catalan Solids The Inner Laws & The Catalan Solids

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The 12 inner laws reveal the core patterns of our inner ego structure.
Catalan solids are special sacred geometries,
that work with the inner laws.
These intelligent shapes re-align core patterns such as:

  • unworthiness
  • isolation
  • distrust
  • judgement
    and more…

In that way Catalan solids heal our core patterns, restore our natural joy and
flow and expand our capacity to experience the richness of life. It’s an
opportunity to birth a new way of Being.

This powerful initiation from the Mayan Shamans of Mexico is a precious
additional offering to Light Language.

There are no pre-requisites to sign up to this class, it is open to everyone.
The class is given in English (Hebrew translation in case needed).
Blessed to be sharing this with you!










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