About Us About Us

When Mehan and I first met, he entered my house and saw my sacred geometry drawings
of light language on the table and immediately asked: “teach me”. It took 4 more years until I have completed the trainings to my deep soul calling and became a light language teacher.

I currently teach Light Language in Israel, Portugal and in online classes, honored to be holding a space in which clear transformations , profound healing and soul alignments take place.


Mehan (Michael) is a natural intuitive, and since his spontaneous experiences of spiritual openings in his early 20s, he has been walking the path of light and healing, offering energetic healing and spiritual guidance in private one-on-one sessions.
Together, we have led workshops and ceremonies since 2012, are living a life of devotion to truth,
traveling the world sitting with teachers and spiritual masters, and most recently have become parents to our purest and deepest “teacher“, our beloved, sweetest baby girl, Selah.

Gratitude Gratitude

To our teachers and masters
In physical form and in Light, for revealing Truth.